Science and nutrition

Technical dossiers and expert opinions

You have been challenged to substantiate the marketability of your product…

We determine all relevant applicable provisions and provide you with an expert opinion to substantiate the marketability of your product.

You would like to use certain claims on your product labels or in marketing and advertising…

We provide you with an expert opinion which considers all relevant provisions and substantiates the lawfulness of your claims. This opinion can also be used as input for protective letters.

Research and risk assessment

In your production a food additive has been overdosed Is your product fit for consumption or harmful? …

We will carry out a detailed risk assessment based on all relevant facts, expected consumption patterns, target groups for your product and the toxicological properties of the additive. This assessment will provide a basis for responsible risk management and risk communication.


You want to develop a new website or create a brochure for consumers which explains complex facts in an easily understandable way?…

We translate science into business and profit – and also in a language which is easily understandable and entertaining for laypeople. Our many years of experience in companies and associations of decoding complicated technical topics into concise and comprehensible texts have made us masters of this kind of translation.

Your company is being blackmailed …

The extortion of food business operators happens all the time and goes from amateurish attempts to the exercise of massive criminal energy. Based on our experience with such situations we carry out a realistic risk assessment which will help you and your partners to take appropriate next steps in your crisis management. In addition, we support you with the preparation of crisis-PR, in particular with a media-appropriate presentation of scientific topics.

You have been sued by a competitor or a NGO and the media response is huge …

In such situations we support you with internal and external communication and expert opinions to beat the charges against you.

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