Ethylene oxide - contaminant or residue

Ethylene oxide / 2-chloroethanol

For more than two years, these substances have been causing massive problems in the food chain as contaminants or residues. If you as a company are affected by this, we support you in risk assessment, whether your products are safe and marketable, in communication with authorities, suppliers and customers, as well as in crisis management.

Handbook Food Compliance

The first handbook in German for practitioners which applies ISO Standard 19600 for Compliance Management Systems to the topic of Food Compliance. Detailed check lists and examples support a swift and easy introduction of a Food Compliance Management System (FCMS) in your company. Now also covering Food Fraud. Details can be found here.

Stevia and polyols in confectionery

We are delighted to announce that we were successful in obtaining the authorisation for the use of steviol glycosides and polyols in energy-reduced confectionery products for the European confectionery industry. The corresponding Regulations (EU) 2017/335 and (EU) 2021/1175 allow manufacturers to develop more innovative and great-tasting products with less calories.


Seminar Vegan & Vegetarian Products (in German), 26 April 2022, Dortmund

Seminar Food law Basics (in German), 27/28 April 2022, Vienna

Seminar Food Information in detail (in German), 8/9 June 2022, Vienna

Seminar Expert Forum Food Information (in German), 27/28 September 2022, Dortmund

Austrian commentary for the EU Food Information Regulation 1169/2011. For details check here.

You are selling foods, beverages or food supplements in the EU over the internet? The European Food Information Regulation requires that you have to provide consumers with comprehensive product information already on your website. We will support you in the necessary changes. For details check here.


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